Who we are

Innovxtreme is an early stage investment fund dedicated to finding, nurturing and launching the next generation of world class ventures. If you have the integrity, passion, vision, experience, domain expertise and leadership skills to create an enterprise that can potentially change the world, we’d love to hear from you!

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Ventures that we seek

Strong Management Team

We expect you to explain the relevant experience and domain expertise of your team. If the team is incomplete, we expect you to recognize who is needed to round out the team.

Technology that solves pressing needs

We define technology broadly in many industries, including Hardware, Software, Consumer Products and Services, Healthcare and CleanTech. An applicant must be able to demonstrate market validation of its technology.

High Growth Potential Market

This must be in either a developing market, or in an existing market. You must present a credible plan for achieving that growth, not a great forecast without supporting data to show how you would sell them.

Our Values

Trust. We seek to operate with transparency and respect the confidentiality of information presented to us.

Innovation. We expect innovation and creativity to drive value for the future.

Collaboration. We enjoy collaboration with investors, advisors, co-investors, entrepreneurs, clients and strategic partners.

Respect. We admire autonomy and respect individuals’ rights, including the right to find work/life balance on one's own terms.

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